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IT Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC Technologies goes above and beyond to provide clients with exceptional service. We care about our clients, and we take an active role in helping them maximize the potential of their IT infrastructure. For AMC there’s no better option than AMC Technologies

Contact us today to discuss the details of your IT vision. Before you know it, we’ll be helping you create a smarter, more efficient version of your company.


AMC Technologies, we provide out staffing services that ensure customers’ satisfaction for your business. By hiring our out staffing service, you get:

Exceptional technical support in maintaining your computer systems;
Data transfer services, and;
Communication services;
Network configurations;
24/7 technical support;
Software installation;
Custom application development.


AMC Technologies  takes care of that and even takes a step further to transfer your security system including, video surveillance system (VSS), access control system (ACS) and can even build it from the ground up. For your IT setup,

  • Prepare the transfer plan
  • Tag and document your IT equipment
  • Charge-free IT audit of the current systems
  • Give recommendations on the IT infrastructure upgrade and maintenance cost minimization
  • Design, install and test Systems in the new office
  • Search for and contract with an Internet service provider for your new office
  • Design the relocation plan
  • Dismantle IT equipment in the old office
  • Reassemble IT equipment in the new office
  • Build a design VSS and ACS installation structures
  • Moving select IT services to Cloud, and many more!


AMC Technologies is happy to provide our clients with comprehensive urgent IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fast response team is always ready to make an IT visit in case of an urgent need. We will:

  • Quickly identify the problem;
  • Suggest a temporary workaround if possible;
  • Take necessary steps to restore normal operation of your IT equipment;
  • Suggest measures to minimize the risk of the same problem occurring again.


Our Remote Assistance Services:

AMC Technologies use a variety of online IT support methods that modern technology offers. From remote desktop applications, voiceover software to text-only platforms like chat or email. This spectrum of communication means focuses on giving our clients a timely and quality remote desktop support service while minimizing the costs incurred in the process.

The set of IT support services offered by our online IT assistance include:

  • User step by step instructions
  • Basic Q&A and troubleshooting
  • Scheduled system maintenance
  • Remote tracking of system performance


AMC Technologies Having an onsite IT professional from our company helps you to have your burning questions answered. You will be free to point out issues affecting your system, thus giving the expert better ideas of where to look.

Besides, you will also be part of fixing the problem. Instead of waiting for a long time to have remote technicians fix your problem on a call, you will experience the progress of diagnosis and live feedback for any queries. The on-site support experience is so different from online or other remote services.

We strive to make sure that we provide the best services to our customers. Some of the added benefits include helping you streamline other tech processes. This will helps in increasing productivity, thus easing the burden on the in-house IT team.


AMC Technologies Organize your entire communication in one place. Switch emails to tickets, and solve IT issues faster. With the Helpdesk dashboard, you are always up to speed on your IT support tasks.



  • Back-up
  • Cold Site
  • Hot Site
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Back Up as a Service
  • Data center disaster recovery
  • Virtualization
  • Point-in-time copies
  • Instant recovery